Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bruxism Treatments...

There are a number of bruxism treatments available. First of all I want to say that this blog does not in anyway condone not following a physician's advice. They are the medical doctor, not me. I am here to provide you with the best information that I can find on bruxism, that's all. I am not here to tell you to discount or disregard any information or diagnosis that a certified, medical doctor gives you. I am here to provide you an alternative source of information. As with all medical diagnosis, you should ALWAYS seek a second opinion! Okay let's get to the nitty gritty!


Surgery is one of the treatments for bruxism that most people will want to avoid if they can. But the problem is, if your doctor has recommended surgery, then your bruxism has advanced to the point where it has begun to seriously impact your life. The bruxism has advanced and led to many other problems including TMJ. As I told you earlier, TMJ is a very important joint and if your bruxism has affected this joint then you have a whole host of other problems that can lead to major health problems. I would tell you to get a second opinion, but if the second opinion suggests surgery, don't hesitate, get the surgery.

Mouthguards/Dental Guards

In my opinion, the mouthguards are a temporary measure. They do not relieve the bruxism, they just relieve the pressure and the constant grinding of the teeth. Instead of grinding on your teeth, you are grinding on the mouthguard. In some cases, these guards might last a week, depending on the severity of your bruxism. After that you are forced to go back to your local pharmacy and purchase another mouthguard. Thankfully, they are relatively inexpensive.

Bruxism Exercises/Massage

The bruxism exercises/massage address the stress and tightness often associated with teeth grinding. (This particular type of treatment for bruxism is an alternative to the above treatments.) They relieve the stress put on the TMJ. They relieve the stress put on the gums. They also relieve the stress that you have which in many cases, relieves the bruxism altogether. As I pointed out to you in an earlier post, stress is one of the leading causes of bruxism. So therefore if you relive the stress, you relieve the bruxism. Try it, you might be surprised at how much it really works!

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